Tony Laffan


In October 2002, Tony was awarded the prestigious MERLIN Award by the International Magic Society for "Illusionist Of The Year". Tony is the first Australian in history to receive this award.

As a vibrant contemporary magician, Tony's skills and talents are multifaceted.

Tony's 'Close-up Magic' performances display the age-old art of conjuring in a manner that astonishes people who are a mere arm's length away.

As well as being a master in the art of close-up magic, Tony is one of Australia's premier 'Stage Illusionists' .

Tony also performs a 'Comedy Magic Show' - a light-hearted approach to magic combined with a special blend of comedy.

This can be presented on its own or entwined with his spectacular illusions. His magic contains a wealth of interaction and humour, leaving all types of audiences totally entertained.

"THANK YOU for the wonderful job you did, and your friendly approach to the job. Peter Martin, (General Motors Asia Pacific) was really impressed with the reveal, which was the most important part of the entire program. It was a pleasure working with you, and I hope we get another opportunity in the near future." The MINT Organization Pty Ltd

"Tony's magic act was the absolute clincher, and managed to appeal to all types of people with his humour. I would rate Tony with an 11 out of 10 for is entertainment value and ability to appeal to a corporate audience with humour and 'wow' factor." Meg Webster. Marketing Executive. Energetics Pty Ltd