Shaun Patrick Micallef


Shaun Patrick Micallef was born young, but as time went by he got progressively older. Of these early childhood years, not much is known, what is, was not posted on the internet site where I did my research. Shaun graduated Adelaide University with a Degree in Law, however the standards at Adelaide University must be less than capable, as Shaun was forced to practice for a good ten years. Whether or not he finally got it right is unknown, as he finally saw sense in 1993 and moved to Melbourne to write skits for shows like Jimoein and Full Frontal. By 1994 he was in both shows and by 1995 was a cast member of Full Frontal. Shaun's comedy influences include Monty Python, Jerry Lewis, Barry Humphreys, Charlie Chaplin, Abbott and Costello and the Liberal Party. In 1988 he married his wife Leandra and has 3 sons, bad teeth and a puma.




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