Scott Williams


Scott Williams, better known as 'The Doctor' presents deliciously funny, finely tuned comedy that's loaded with laughter.

Passionately believing that 'laughter is the best medicine', Scott dispenses a fast moving and hilariously entertaining performance with side splitting results.

You'll never look at life in quite the same way again. Generous, irresistable, affectionate ..... Share in the laughter of one of todays hottest comedians.

" What a hero, what a legend, what a laugh you gave us all ! The delegates 'Memorable Moments' questionnaire had "The Doctor" winning unanimously. " - SCHWARZKOPF

Scott breathes new life into the role of Master of Ceremonies, handling all situations with effortless style. Scott Williams is a 'must have' for any event.

Conference organisers have been known to reorganize the dates of an event in order to procure Scott's highly sought-after services.

"AMAZING ! Within minutes Scott established a rapport with the audience that most MCs would have been happy to finish with." - BP OIL

Strong, high-spirited, thought provoking and crackling with originality, Scott makes the ideal choice of speaker, lifting his audience while delivering a refreshingly positive approach to today's world.

Scott always leaves his audience feeling they could experience him over and over again.

"I don't have to tell you how much we all enjoyed it. It was a fabulous highlight of the conference." - SUN MICROSYSTEMS