Peter Kaye


Peter Kaye is one of Australia's most talented and popular performers with his unique comedy impersonations of famous Entertainers and Political figures. In fact he has been awarded the prestigious 'MO' AWARD for Australia's best Variety Entertainer For three years in succession and yet again this year.

With the aid of his life-like latex rubber masks, Peter, can not only sound uncannily like his characters but also look like them!. Peter presents some of the worlds most famous INTERNATIONAL PERSONALITIES in a FAST MOVING, QUICK CHANGING, HILARIOUS , cabaret show. Each character appears like magic before your eyes as he changes his appearance, voice and mannerisms from BORIS YELTSIN to GEORGE W BUSH, BILL CLINTON, PRINCE CHARLES, ARNOLD SHWARZENEGGER AS THE TERMINATOR, LIEUTENANT COLUMBO (PETER FALK), SEAN CONNERY, SYLVESTER STALLONE AS RAMBO, MICHAEL CAINE, GEORGE BURNS (FOR THE OLDER AUDIENCE), DEAN MARTIN, FRANK SINATRA, and PAVAROTTI, just some of Peter's International characters.

Among his extensive credits were five appearances at the famous London Palladium, three years in London's West End with The Black & White Minstrel Show, London Palladium tour of Canada.